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Vernon Scott

Hi Bill,

Hey, great Blog and I copied your artwork on Rodger Thomas and Hoyt
Andres. I hope there is no problem with that. If there's a copyright, I will pay with the money I earned working the last political campaign I was in ....too bad it was a big fat ZERO!!

I kept telling that "Mason" from Harvard. "I don't care if we have everyone's endorcememt except the Mormon Tabernicle Choir, WE CAN STILL LOSE THIS RUNNOFF!"

(and we did too....)

Now the Ultra Right wing has the nomination. The trial lawyers and big money boys spoke and the BIG MULES are back on the way.

Maybe Jim Folsom has a chance since his father was the champion against the BIG MULES. But if Folsom remains too far to the left then thats automatic "death=rattle"
in progressive/conservative circles.

Ya see the Wallace camp and followers as such were overconfident. The people you need the most think they "should" vote today, but its too hot and he's gonna win anyway.

As opposied to the "WE GOTTA VOTE" which those "Strange" Mountain Brook types (Who didnt really like Reagan when got in politics in the first place), has got back into the passengers seat and wouldnt mind taking over driving if the road gets too rough, if you know what I mean.

Ironic how a "Wallace" needed the Black vote like never before!!!
But I have to admit the numbers were low in the
low to middle class white neighborhoods as well.

Maybe Wallace Jr.was considered a R.I.N.O..
(Republican In Name Only)
But didn't I once hear Newt Gingich say that.., "George C. Wallace was the origional Father of the "Contract With America"?

Well anyway, after being Tutuiler Prison's Dr. Phil for 6 months...(stress equivanent of 6 years), I realized Prison Reform must come from "without and not from within".

This is not to say I am not going to keep persuing psychotherapy as a second career, I feel now I'm MORE than qualified to be a counselor to the adverage mental or anxiety affected client off the street.

The way I see it, my internship at the Lighthouse was only now what consider "Boot Camp" for as to what I was being prepared and meant to encounter during the great: WAR OF WITS, WOES and WILD WOMEN", at the "Auschwitz" of Alabama: "Twitwiler Prison!"

As a matter of fact, Two former female Correctional employees I worked with in the early 90's, when I was the first Correctional Producer/Videographer in DOC's Public Information Office, told me that they were not only priviledged to have been the first Female Class accepted into the Montgomery Police Academy in 1969, but they were also told in that the next Prison to be built in Alabama would be a more modern prison for women and that "Julia Tutwiler" was scheduled to be torn down!

Yep, you heard right.....

Well, I'm here to tell you that Tutwiler's not only fully operatioal but dysfunctionaland in critcal condition as well! In the meantime, over the next 30 years, several modern men's prisons were built,(a few even back while I was shooting video for DOC). This included the first
of the "so called" SHOCK INCARCERATION" bright ideas
now known as "Boot Camps".
Still, all initially designed for Men.!

Well as for employment, I talked to Mark Wilder a couple months ago
and I still have not gotten out to the station to fill out an application because Mark indicated there was nothing open at the time and a Production Manager was still being sought.
Anyway, I was still chasing some last ditch efforts for some scholarship money to finish the post Master's Educational Specialist Degree (Eds.),which is actually a glorified Jr. Doctorate for schools like Troy to make more money by creating more programs that may or may not put you in a highter paybracket...but
I've decided not to go for licensure, (who needs the headache) when I just have 2 courses to go for the "Eds.". However, they happen to be the hardest courses left and my field study on "Political Psychology", probably would have gotten alot of laughs from the Troy EDS committee,...."What? Political Psychology"? What's next, Narrative Medicine??????"
(Don't laugh, it's now a real course offered at few Ivy League schools).

Anyway...I need money and 2008 is coming fast and I'm not going to hang-out on the Mobile Highway to provide a "different kind of therapy" if you know what I mean. Nope, not into that. I'm afraid I would look like Milton Berle in Drag anyway!!!!


Well to wrap it up.

Remember what Bob Howell once said, "Bill, you found your nich in life..." I dont know if you remember what he meant by that, only I think if you still have some inclination to host a TV show, with "Reality TV" the way it is, you could do some ARTistic program which could blow away any competition you'd receive from the anything like the "Ozzbornes".

How about..."Idol's Island"
A reality show about five stranded castaways marooned
on a deserted island due to the inepitude of a "Captain Billy Idol".
(In other words, his latest attempt to get clean and sober is by being sentanced to pilot a tourist ship as part of his Communiity Service requirement for his latest Cocaine possessiion.)

It seemed that lashing himself to the Captain's wheel during a Catagory "III" Hurricaine was not one of his most well thought-out ideas for visual effects. What turned out as a feeble attempt for the Idol's dramatic music video comeback now has become a REAL LIFE DRAMA for survival!

"Flesh, (may not only be) for Fantasy" after all!!!!

Now back to my desert island..

Any part-time (life-saver)openings you could throw an old friend?

What about the weekend crew of Ten O'Clock Report nowadays? The last broadcasts I've seen had some a few bloopers that left me wondering "Who's asleep at the switch?"
Of course all live TV has their share of such, but still..

I know if I had to, I could operate all three cameras during a "live newscast" just so the teleprompter was handled... Believe me I've done it many a times at other stations.....

And what is that Part-Time Producer positon all about anyway?

Well Bill, maybe you should go into Politics...
Ya know Richard Nixon once said,
"I never took Political Science...Politics is not a Science,it's an ART."

And you can ARTiculate!

Future Neo- Conservative "Think Tank" Shrink,

Vernon M. Scott

PS: I will be praying not only to Jesus but the spirit of "Sister Stella" as well....so you
wouldn't want to her to visit you on some midnight evening....Whispering,...
"Why..Why...Why... wouldn't you help your old friend Vernon in need? Aren't you in enough trouble already as it is??!!!!"

Just Kidding.

By the way, Id like to see your father's Masonic ring or collections if you have the time and don't mind.

Freemasonry--"The Science of the Soul...Brother!"

Vernon Scott 32*
Soon to be head of the Illumani!!!!!!

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